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All modern irrigation systems need protection from particles in the water clogging drippers, taps, emitters, sprinklers, valves, pipes.

In order to protect these systems and equipment extending at the same time the life of the installation, and also improving the crop production, the innovative Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters presented by Filternox® will guarantee the best solution for the filtration.

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Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters, the unique completely stainless steel manufactured filter in the market for irrigation, having a wide filtration rate from 3000 down to 15 microns, and counting with a larger surface area, provides all levels of protection according to the water source and the application.

Nowadays, the variety of agricultural applications requires high-developed technologies able to give an efficient solution to the different problems. Our Filternox ® filters can help to enlarge the system performance also reducing its maintenance and subsequent costs of material, spare parts, manpower, etc.

The innovative design and high quality materials used in the manufacture of Filternox ® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters allows the equipment to work under all pressures and temperatures.

The unlimited flow rate and higher performance under more favorable conditions find applications on sea water, well water and surface water filtration.

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